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Hard Core Gamer, Systems Engineer with a humor sense as superpower. I don't have birthdays i level up. Music and Movies are my passion. Nelly Furtado misses me.
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MGMT - Time To Pretend (by MGMTVEVO)

No hay igual Nelly Furtado MEME xD

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Thumbs up for the best of the best! Nelly Furtado is so kind & generous <3


ME GUSTA SONG. Los Adolescentes: Me Gustas
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Comercial de Sal de Uvas de los años 60.


Me dio un cupon!!!

Te quiero! haha

LA ESCALERA DE LA VIOLENCIA - Muy buen corto de estudiantes del ITESM en apoyo a la campaña www.elmuro.mx


Criminal - The continuation Sequel to Telephone. The Criminal Video

Synopsis - Lady Gaga is getting the hell out of town running away from the cops who want her back behind bars. She has many disguises on her road to freedom, one being an alter ego named Jo Calderone. Calderone is know for being the baddest guy around, and nothing and no one gets in his fucking way. While driving out in the middle of no where he sees an innocent hitch hiker.

Lucy (Britney Spears) is tired of her mother’s overprotective ways so she packs her bags and runs away from home. She has no where to go until she sees the pussy wagon, with non other the the Criminal himself Jo Calderon in the drivers seat. 

Together over time they slowly fall madly in love, but how can Jo reveal his/her secret? Will Lucy ever face up to her mother? 

*Cue Criminal flute* 

that would be awesome!

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‎”a mi me duele mucho el estomago y tomo pura agua YAAAA NO AGUANTO ” el momento incómodo en el que se acaban los boletos de Justin Bieber

Pobre México